TopCashback Autumn Treats 2021: Answers, Review & Bonus

TopCashback Spring Treats 2021

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Now onto the Topcashback Autumn Treats 2021 answers.

Topcashback Autumn Treats 2021 – Answers

Usually, 4 times a year Topcashback do a prize giveaway, the next one is most likely going to be called Autumn Treats. Typically they give away around £18,000 so make sure to get yourself involved.

To enter for your chance to win a prize, once the competition starts, just go to the specific retailer and click on the Hummingbird that appears. It could be instant cashback into your account or a prize-draw entry.

22nd September = 20Cogs
23rd September =
24th September = Exante Diet
25th September = Bloom and Wild
26th September = Beauty Bay
27th September = ScottishPower Gas and Electricity
28th September = Waggel Pet Insurance

Go to TopCashback here and then go to the retailer to claim your reward, good luck!

Make sure to come back each day to get the answer to the next giveaway treat.

TopCashback Review

Personally I think Topcashback is amazing. I’ve used this site to save over £1,000 in the past few years, which has been with everything from holidays to car insurance.

What I think is truly special about this company is the sheer numbers of companies that they work with to provide cashback incentives. They are definitely my first choice for cashback sites and some competing companies don’t even come close.

You can often see exclusive cashback deals with some merchants which just demonstrates that they’re the leading company in this space.

There are also thousands of other reviews online applauding their great experiences. What I really find great about this company is how quick and easy it is to use and how the savings can be worth a ton.

As an example, on my last holiday, the amount I saved through TopCashback paid for an upgrade which included a better room, afternoon tea and a free cocktail hour every day for the week of our stay. Not bad for an extra few seconds work!

Topcashback Chrome Extension Review

There is a chrome extension you can get as a plugin for your chrome browser. This effectively saves you the time of going onto the Topcashback website, finding the retailer and clicking through for the detail.

Now you can activate the cashback just by clicking the “activate now” button that pops up.

Plus it is quite a good reminder to use Topcashback if you’re prone to forgetting which has happened to me before!

Unfortunately, not all retailers are featured on the plugin as brands have to opt-in to promote themselves via the extension. Although as time goes by more and more retailers are added to the extension so if anything it’s a good reminder.

It’s also free to download and use, so ensure you claim all the cashback you deserve going forward. If you want to use the extension, find out more here.

TopCashBack Earnings Tip – Free Money

You can even earn cashback for free for singing up to a number of free trials and survey sites.

So if you have some time to spare and want to make a quick bit of extra cash, there’s a section in the Topcashback main menu at the top right you can use to find all the free offers, shown in the screenshot. Click here to get started.